Shish Barak

Tuesday 24th April 2018

Shish Barak



2 cups of flour

Water on demand


Black seed


200 grams of ground meat, large chopped onion


Salt, sweet spice and cinnamon


1 Kg of goat or cow yoghurt

1 spoon of starch

1 Cup of water

1 egg


2 garlic cloves

Crusty mint

Method of Preparation

Knead the dough by mixing flour, water, salt and cumin until they consolidate.

Then set them aside.

To prepare the stuffing:

In a pan, on medium heat, place the onions, vegetable oil and stir them to melt.

Then add the meat, spices, salt and pine and keep over heat till the meat is cooked.

Set the mix aside to cool.

Spread the dough with a rolling pin, to get a thin layer, cut the dough into small circles.

On each circle put a spoonful of stuffing and close the edges in semi circles.

Then turn them to the side to become hat-shaped.

Repeat to finish all the dough circles.

In a cooker, put the yoghurt , add a glass of water with starch and then add the egg.

Mix with garlic and salt and continue to stir over medium heat until mixture boils.

Add the shish barak, over low heat until the pieces float.

Then we know they are well cooked.

Put them in dishes and add the mint and pine.



You can also roast the shish barak in the oven then add them to the yoghurt.

Do not add yeast to the dough to avoid doubling the size of the shish barak.   

By Set Balkis

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