Don’t overdo Caffeine !

Tuesday 06th November 2018

Don’t overdo Caffeine !

Health Benefits of Tea and Coffee


Tea and coffee may wake you up and keep you focused, but don’t overdo it on the caffeine — it may trigger migraines or IBS in people who are sensitive.

Caffeine is a natural chemical that activates the central nervous system, which means that it revs up nerves and thought processes. Regular caffeine consumption, from coffee and/or tea, has been shown to increase short-term focus and alertness.

 Although most people enjoy caffeine’s “revved up” effect, some people are caffeine-sensitive and are left feeling jittery or ill after ingesting a dose. If you fall into the second group, you’ll want to eliminate caffeinated beverages or adjust your intake to match your personal tolerance.

Additionally, caffeinated beverages can sometimes trigger migraines in people who are sensitive.

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