Teenagers Influence on Food Purchases

Tuesday 02nd April 2019

Teenagers Influence on Food Purchases

Teenagers Influence on Food Purchases

Teenagers have a major influence on the choices their parents make at the grocery store and in the kitchen, according to a 2019 report from FONA International. The preferences and eating behaviors of teens drive 30% of the weekly grocery bill.

Although teens rely largely on their parents for food purchases, 24% of the money teens do have goes toward buying food, according to FONA report.

Trends showing up among teens include a focus on diversity and sustainability, adventurous palates, love of culinary self-expression, and a desire for functional food.

Culinary self-expression

Teens view food and cooking as a form of self-expression and are comfortable preparing meals, learning from their parents and television or online cooking shows. They mix and match ingredients to find what they like. Their most preferred meal plans are low-carb (38%), low-fat (35%), and vegetarian (32%), according to the Farm Rich survey.

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