Foods diabetics can take during fasting

Monday 13th May 2019

Foods diabetics can take during fasting

If you choose to fast in Ramadan, you can consume the following foods that will keep your blood glucose levels in check. Plan a diet with your doctor and you can add these foods to your suhoor and iftar meals.


Start your Iftar meal with the food, which are rich in simple carbohydrates and can be absorbed quickly by the body such as 1-2 dates or milk.

For your Suhoor meal, consume more complex carbohydrates such as whole grain cereal, whole grain bread, or vegetables in your Suhoor meal and take it as late as possible so that you can go on through the day. Complex carbohydrates have a low glycemic index due to which they take more time to digest, absorb and ingest and therefore they keep you full for a long time.

Go for lean proteins like fish, tofu and nuts as they are energy giving. You can have low-fat milk, plain greek yoghurt, cottage cheese. A glass of milk or some fruit before bedtime will maintain sugar levels till suhoor.

Drink plenty of water and sugar-free beverages throughout the evening and avoid caffeinated beverages that increase the thirst.

Add salads to the meals to increase the fiber intake.

Include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables with high water content.

As sweets are an important part of every festival, make sure you consume them in small portions.

Cook your meals in olive oil which are a good source of energy and increase the amount of good cholesterol in the body.

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