Ramadan 2019: What Not To Eat For Iftar

Tuesday 14th May 2019

Ramadan 2019: What Not To Eat For Iftar

Ramadan 2019: What Not To Eat For Iftar

Do not mix fruits with your meals: Break your fast with fruits or consume them after you are done with your meals. Fruits when combined with minerals, fats and proteins present in other foods, can hinder digestion.

Do not combine cheese with nuts and seafood with other meat: Your body is programmed to digest one concentrated form of protein at a time. Consuming more than one can create complications in your digestive system.

Avoid combining citrus foods with milk based foods: Acidic acid curdles milk which can upset your stomach. Proteins and starch together is also not a great idea. If you are planning to gorge on a feast full of lean meat, try balancing it out with some fresh veggies.

Take it easy: Do not be in a hurry to finish your food. If your body receives too much of food all of a sudden after being deprived of it for an entire day, it may lead to indigestion and other gastric problems. Start with some fruits, yogurt, and lots of cooling fluids like sherbets or smoothies and then go on to relish your main course after a while. This will give your stomach some time to process and will ensure proper functioning.

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