Ramadan: Suhoor Tips May 2019

Wednesday 15th May 2019

Ramadan: Suhoor Tips May 2019

Ramadan: Suhoor Tips May 2019

Suhoor, a meal eaten at dawn, is the most important meal consumed during Ramadan.


Suhoor Tips 2019

The meal should contain all the nutrients needed by the body (proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals) and have easily digestible foods so that it doesn't cause any stomach discomfort.
Drink sufficient water to avoid feeling thirsty during fasting hours.
Avoid salty foods such as pickles, olives, salted nuts and canned food. 
Also avoid 'heavy' desserts such as kunafa and baklava, fatty and fried foods, and spicy foods, which increase thirst.
Light sweets such as puddings, mouhallabia can be consumed during Suhoor as it gives a feeling of fullness and provides the body with energy and sugar needed when you are fasting, thus preventing you from feeling tired during the day.

What to eat at Suhoor?

Complex carbohydrates, Protein, Assorted vegetables, A fresh fruit, One glass of milk or yoghurt.

Dried fruits and dairy or dates and milk would be a great idea to have at Suhoor along with a serving of complex carbohydrates as mentioned above and sliced vegetables!

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