Chef Burak Ozdemir

Thursday 29th August 2019

Chef Burak Ozdemir

Chef Burak Ozdemir

About Chef Burak

Chef Burak is a Turkish cook and an inspiring creative chef of Syrian origins. He gained massive popularity on various social media platforms through his “big-sized cooking” videos where he is featured working on different meals with a huge smile on his face.

This friendly looking chef obviously celebrates food in a festival-like manner, which made him followed by millions on social media, millions who wait impatiently to check out what he’s up to.

Chef Burak took after his father who was also a chef, and is widely loved for his humanitarian side and friendly character.

At his restaurant, everyone is welcomed in a very special way.

Finally, this 25 year-old Turkish chef won the hearts of millions through his innovation, cooking skills where he uses perfectly measured ingredients for Guinness record worth meals and lovely personality.


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