2019 Eco Food Trends

Tuesday 03rd September 2019

2019 Eco Food Trends

2019 Eco Food Trends

1. Eco-Friendly Packaging

Food packaging made from compostable materials, recyclable straws, food wraps made from beeswax, and more—it’s all about the environment in 2019. Due to customer demand, some companies are working to make their packaging environmentally friendly—or at least, friendlier.

Some products are made from the get-go to replace products that aren’t environmentally friendly, such as Stasher Bags that replace plastic sandwich bags. Or LunchSkins, which makes sandwich bags made from paper. Reusable everything is what the market is turning toward.

Stainless steel, glass, or silicone straws in replacement of plastic straws are helpful as some countries—have banned one-use plastic straws. And when it comes to produce bags, many individuals are now (bringing their own bag) to the grocery store to avoid all plastic bags when shopping. People bring their own reusable cups and mugs to coffee shops, and many shops sell their own reusable cups.

2. Upgraded Snack Foods

Long gone are the days when the only potato chip option was a bag of Master Chips. Now there are potato chips that are organic and made with coconut oil and avocado oil instead of canola. Healthier snacks are more available. You don’t have to skip all the packaged products anymore because there are healthy options out there. As always, though, with any packaged food, ingredients are key. Reading the ingredients lists will never go out of style.

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