Five Tips to Make Traveling With a Food Allergy Easier

Thursday 29th November 2018

Five Tips to Make Traveling With a Food Allergy Easier

Managing a food allergy is tricky when you travel, but these precautionary steps can help you explore culinary culture and stay healthy.

Carry a food allergy card in multiple languages


Have a card handy that lists your food allergies in the language or languages spoken at your destination. You can create your own cards with simple notecards or sturdy paper

Order with an abundance of caution


Certain foods and drinks, in particular, including sauces, salad dressings, soups and cocktails hide common allergens such as wheat, nuts, dairy and shellfish.

Travel with a food stash


Pack plenty of snacks and a few meal replacement options on your trip, if you can.

Don’t forget your allergy medicine


Even if your food allergy isn’t severe, you shouldn’t leave home without your allergy medicine. Sure, you’ll want it just in case you have an uncomfortable reaction like hives or itching, but you shouldn’t assume you can buy what you need locally, depending on where you go.

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