Where can you find Vitamin D?

Thursday 03rd January 2019

Where can you find Vitamin D?

Some common signs of vitamin D deficiency are fatigue and tiredness, back and bone pain, muscle pain, bone loss, hair loss, weak immunity and taking time in wound healing.

Here's how you can add vitamin D to your diet:

1. Mushrooms:

Mushrooms are extremely delicious and a low-calorie source of vitamin D.

2. Fatty fish:

Fatty fish are also excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and rich in antioxidants making them great for brain also.

3. Egg yolks:

Vitamin D is found in the egg yolks as well making whole eggs perfect to add some vitamin D to your diet

4. Milk:

Milk is a great source of vitamin D and super easy to include in your diet.

5. Cheese:

Cheese lovers, a good news for you! Ricotta cheese has the maximum amount of vitamin D.