Sea bass Carpaccio

Tuesday 12th June 2018

Sea bass Carpaccio


200g Sea bass fillet

50g Flaked Almonds

50g Dried apricot

1 Bundle Dill

200 ml Lemon juice

150 ml Olive oil

50g Ginger pickles

10g Lemon zest

1 piece Lolo Rosso

Salt and Black pepper



Method of preparation:

Thinly slice the seabass filet in the plate.

Dice the apricot.

Chop the dill and the ginger pickles.

For the marination: mix the lemon juice, olive oil, paprika, ginger pickles ,dill, salt and pepper.

Plate dressing: place the seabass and put the marination on top with the Dried apricot and flaked almonds.

Mix the lolo rosso with the marination and place it in the middle of the plate.

By  Chef Georges Adem.

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