Chickpea Raita with Poppadoms

Tuesday 19th June 2018

Chickpea Raita with Poppadoms


1 Tablespoon Green onion, chopped 

½ Tablespoon cumin seeds 

½ Cup chickpeas,  cooked 

2 cucumbers 

½ cup cherry tomato 

1 Cup mint yogurt (see recipe above)  

6 large poppadoms, fried or oven toasted. 



 Method of preparation

 Dice the cucumbers and tomato finely.  

 Mix together all ingredients, put in a serving bowl and garnish with fresh cumin seeds.

 (you can let sit in the fridge for 30 min) 


Serve with toasted poppadoms or fried and drained.  


This dish is considered a side dish or a starter. 

 It is often served next to spicy curries to cool off the heat. 

Gluten free 


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