By: Chef Set Balkis Monday 23rd April 2018



1 Cup of finely Grounded Rice

3 tablespoons of Cinnamon

3 tablespoons of Caraway

3 cups of Sugar

6 cups of Water

2 cups of boiled and filtered Anise


Coconut. Pistachio

Almond. Walnut. Pine. Cashew nuts


Method of Preparation

Mix all the dry material with some rice, cumin and cinnamon and add the water.

Put them over heat and stir till consolidation.

Add the boiled and drained anise over the rice mixture and caraway and let them boil for about an hour.

Add the sugar and leave them there for about a quarter of an hour.                  

Pour the Meghleh in serving glasses and leave them to cool down.

Decorate with coconut and nuts.

 By Set Balkis  

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